Virtual Photography

Image solutions for your online needs

What is virtual photography?
Professional photographs taken remotely by me using your phone's camera through the internet with the help of an application, while I guide you through the photoshoot.
Why is it good for you?
Demand for online content has been growing dramatically in the last few years. You need to stand out from the social media noise by updating your online presence frequently.

You will benefit from a virtual photoshoot if you:

 Need images quickly
Don't want the hassle of travelling to a studio
Want a relaxed and enjoyable photoshoot
Are camera shy
Have more employees and it's difficult to organize one photoshoot for everyone
Feel uncertain in the current events and would rather work online

What is it not?
My virtual photography experience is not a cheap, low quality alternative to an in-person photo session. The results are professionally taken and edited images, that are also printable.
You can choose from the virtual photography options below
For additional options contact me
Basic Portrait
A professionally captured portrait at your chosen location wherever you are in the world  For individuals or businesses  15 minute photoshoot  1 low resolution retouched image per person
from $99

Advanced Portrait
Basic portrait session plus one wardrobe change at your chosen location wherever you are in the world ⚫ For individuals and businesses  30 minute photoshoot  3 low resolution retouched images per person
from $195

Story Telling Portrait
Advanced portrait session plus one more wardrobe change at your chosen location wherever you are in the world ⚫ For individuals and businesses  60 minute photoshoot  10 low resolution retouched images
from $355
All images on this page were taken in a virtual photography experience
How does it work?

Getting to know you and your business.
We'll schedule a video call before your virtual experience, so I can have an idea about your brand and what you need. This helps me in capturing your image that reflects best your message. 
Preparing your virtual experience.
Before the photoshoot I'll send you the link to the application we'll use. You'll get a unique ID that is only assigned to your application. Once you share your ID with me, I'll connect to you and begin your virtual experience.
Capturing your images.
You'll show me around the environment, I'll guide you through the phone placement, then capture your images. Once we're done, I'll develop your pictures in a week, you'll download them from my cloud server.
Are you interested?
If you have any questions about the virtual photography experience, or how it can help your particular case, feel free to contact me. I'll get back to you in two business days, so we can have a conversation over the phone or a video call.
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